In the following video, Lauren’s words actually express my hopes and conviction that God is always working for Israel as written in The Israel Letters, and for all those who love her, when we bring our intercessions before God for his precious people and nation.  Let me encourage you to listen and read the words.  When you do instead of saying “I”, “Me” or “My”  insert “Israel” and I think you’ll get the gist of what I mean.

What inspired me to write this little book of intercession?  Knowing and loving God led me to an infilling of His Holy Spirit (Acts 2) From that day so many years ago my heart has never waivered from loving Israel and the Jewish people and seeking their well-being.

Join me as I revisit The Israel Letters and share more about the Scriptures found there from Grace’s viewpoint! Please share with other lovers of Israel!

God bless you each this day,


©2016 Nancy H. Montgomery



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